M.O.M. – Mother or Murder?

Artist Statement

By Shayla Smith, Henry Gong, Lakaylah Mason, and Indigo Basile

In this project, Shayla, Henry, Lakaylah, and Indigo dive into the complex topic of abortion. Throughout our project we focus on the question, “How has changing state laws and shifting social opinions affected the experience of women around abortion.” This intricate topic has garnered a great amount of attention over the past years and has become one of the largest issues of the 21st century. Due to its immense field, we voice a few ideas from stories to facts expressing what we believe. Through these articles we hope to influence others in questioning and deepening their understanding of this current issue.

Perspectives on Abortion:
Below are essays we created expressing our opinions. The first essay defines and creates idea’s based off of statistics by Indigo. The second essay reveals the causes and effects of abortions by Lakaylah, and the third and final essay narrates the journey and experiences of women around abortion situations by Shayla. The last link leads to the works and information we used to compile this project.

       Safety? Or The Impractical Moral Of A Group?
       Who has the power? Me or State Laws?
       “My Abortion, My Life, My Decision”: A Diary from a Real Woman
       Works Sited: The Sources of Abortion

“Your Decision, Your Choice”
A short film brought to you by HLSI (Henry, Lakaylah, Shayla, and Indigo) aka Abortion squad of AHA. This video will depict our general visual of how we portray the correlation of teen pregnancies and abortion. This is one way how women are affected by determining the overall decision of whether to raise a child or abort it due to the inputs of others in their lives.

40 Comments Add yours

  1. London Haines says:

    I love you guys video because y’all added daly in their with her famous quote she uses every friday before the weekend ” Don’t get pregnant”


  2. Makhissa says:

    I really love the video you guys put together for your topic on abortion. I really like how you guys brought a lighter side to the topic instead of making it so gloomy and sad. 🙌🏾🙌🏾A1.


  3. Josh Kluger says:

    Women should always have the choice.


  4. Erez Frank says:

    I read the narrative essay and man it is intense. It does a very good job of showing a personal perspective of what really happens through the abortion process.


  5. Mia Teller says:

    really nice project ! 🙂 I dig all the different perspectives your essays provide, and especially enjoyed the narrative essay. Also the title of your project is very compelling…first one I clicked on…


  6. Shayla Smith says:

    I enjoyed every part this group has some really cool stuff


    1. Amanda Levin says:

      Really. How surprising. 😏


      1. Shayla Smith says:

        *presses like on levins comment because word press is trying to get me to make a whole account lmao*


  7. I really like all the information throughout the project great ideas full with many information. just perfect love it.


  8. Amber Lee says:

    I think using a picture of Hillary Clinton, given that she is a main attraction in the media (actually the entire world) right now, is a great way to get people to look at your topic! Also, the video is hilarious #GoIndigo lol


  9. Jade Grisby says:

    I love your video and your articles are very eye opening 🙂


  10. Jade Grisby says:

    I really like your video and your poster is very eye catching


  11. Jade says:

    I love your video it’s very thought provoking


  12. Sarah Marlin says:

    Really loved the video, superb acting. (but really though, how much soap do you need Shayla?)


  13. Destiny says:

    the video was great and I enjoyed the titles to everything (poster, essays, etc.)


  14. Chaia Wyatt says:

    Your video was so well made!! I loved the acting:)


  15. Latimer Smith says:

    The video was very good quality, although some of the messages during the outro of the video confused me on your stance.


  16. luke says:

    In the video I am not sure if you guys are pro life or pro choice


  17. Lauren Wood says:

    It looks like you guys researched this topic really well and I agree with your viewpoint 🙂


  18. felicityjones17 says:

    I lived you guys’s video. Not only was it very entertaining but it sent a strong message that I think a lot of people still don’t understand.


  19. felicityjones17 says:

    I wasnt sure on you guys’s stance but it looked very well researched and the presentation was amazing


  20. Kyla Butler says:

    Bruh 😂😂 this one was my favorite one because the video had me rolling 😂😂😂😂


  21. Kyla Butler says:

    The video had me rolling 😂😂


  22. Kyla Butler says:

    Love the video


  23. Lauryn Franklin says:

    You guys had the funniest video! And Shayla I read your narrative and I enjoyed it very much. You did a great job going into detail.


  24. justinowenss says:

    dude… the message from the unborn baby at the end of the video is creepy. I wonder who wrote the story line of it?


  25. REBECCA LIN says:

    Love how the poster came out! And the video is so fun to watch. Also will explained that abortion has to depend on different situation.


  26. Tina says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video it was really entertaining.


  27. Giuliani says:

    Acting Skills are very good. The essays are very eye opening. “Your Choice” 👏🏽


  28. leeandrajnaecross says:

    I really loved the video, I really get the concept. I LOVE IT !


  29. YESHI GYAMTSO says:

    “It’s your choice.” The funniest video from this year IDP and great message! Oh, and the title is just amazing.


  30. Marcelo A. says:

    I loved your video! The production quality was pretty high and the humor was worked in very well!


  31. kailajenkins17 says:

    Poster is VERY appealing to the eye. Very good! The video was hilarious.


  32. Devanae adams says:

    The concept of the video was really good and funny !!!! You guys put a lot of thought into it as well as making the viewers get the point of the concept I enjoyed it a lot


  33. ceceliabell17 says:

    The video was so funny! It was informative and entertaining which I really appreciated.


  34. tenzin nyodrup says:

    after reading this it got me thinking lot about abortion being right or wrong. But im really impressed u made that movie poster work with your project. i didnt think it was going to.


  35. Ravyn Gistarb says:

    This project really opened my mind up more about abortion. I don’t know if i’m pro or con for it now.


  36. Darkius says:

    The name of your movie poster is kinda misleading but I do think you got some nice points.


  37. Jasmine says:

    This whole article was one of my favorites


  38. Evelyn says:

    Your video was very funny but I was a little confused at the end


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