You Can’t go Home but You Can’t Stay Here


Artist Statement

Tina Afshari, Erez Frank, Felicity Jones, Josh Kluger

TFor our Interdisciplinary Project we decided to learn about the controversy regarding homeless relocation. This topic was noticeable to our eyes because we were eager to know where the homeless were being put after being relocated and how they felt about being moved from their “homes.” We decided to answer the question “What are the economic and social effects of homeless relocation?”

Our group is focusing on those specific viewpoints because after researching the topic we discovered that the only reason the homeless relocation law was even a thought is because the homeless were affecting  large amounts of cities economically. Our group was determined to focus on the homeless relocation that is currently happening in the bay area, however we researched information on nation wide relocation to get a wider perspective on the topic. We wanted to pay more attention to what was happening in the bay area because we live here and are somewhat affected by it.

Our group wrote 3 essays, each giving  a better understanding of what homeless relocation is and what affects are. Each member of the group wrote one essay, starting with the definition essay. The definition essay gave a better sense of what homeless relocation is and why the law was brought upon us. Another member wrote a essay on some the cause and effects. In that essay you will read about some of the social and economical  effects that were caused by homeless relocation. Lastly, a narrative essay was written about a women telling the tragic story of her ex husband becoming a b is um on the streets and then being relocated from his home city. All three of these essays gave us the 2 different point of views from the homeless and the politicians. 

The Chain Reaction of Homeless Relocation – The Chain Reaction of Homeless Relocation is an essay about why the homeless relocation law was passed and how it affected homeless people around the country socially and economically.

Whats Up with Homeless Relocation – What’s Up with Homeless Relocation is a definition essay that gives a better sense of what homeless relocation is and how they get relocated.

Did They Think About Us – Did They Think About Us is a narrative about a woman telling the tragic story of how her (ex) husband. About how he started with it all and then ended up as homeless man being relocated from his home city and put in a random state.

Annotated Work Cited


37 Comments Add yours

  1. Destiny says:

    I see that there was a lot of thought and work put into the movie poster. It’s v nice.


  2. Tennessee Tillery says:

    This is a very educational site! I had never thought about it as a chain reaction before.


  3. Makhissa says:

    Overall I thought the essays were thoughtful and the web introduction was pretty clear.


  4. London Haines says:

    I like the poster. I like that you can automatically get the topic of this story from the poster which is good because you can’t get that from others.


  5. Mia teller says:

    I feel like this poster was really successful! especially after reading the artist statement, it was clear that a lot of thought and care went into creating what ended up being a super nice piece. The title is nice n catchy and the photoshop is really well done 🙂


  6. Shayla Smith says:

    The poster is awesome i like how you put the bum in the ghosts place, placement is very well done. I also enjoyed your video the homeless people were funny and didn’t seem mean like i thought they were i liked the dude with the weird glasses and the man who didn’t even look homeless with the red button up on with the chest hair out….he seemed interesting after watching the video i would like to find him and have a little sit down with him to see whats his deal..overall good project and cool title


  7. I feel like it’s important to talk about homeles people to see how they live in the reality. It was wonderful going through the whole project. love it.


  8. Amber Lee says:

    I thought dude on the left was Eric lol


  9. Jade Grisby says:

    I love the narrative essay and your poster


  10. Chaia says:

    The essays are all super detailed and really gave me an understanding of how this problem affects our community.


  11. Lakaylah says:

    I love how you guys actually interviewed homeless people


  12. Lakaylah says:

    you guys poster is so cool, I can tell exactly which poster you guys reused


  13. justinowenss says:

    This video was hella funny, and also the poster was well made, your essays give a lot of insight about the place we live in.


  14. luke says:

    If it is illegal for ppl to be homeless isnt it illegal to relocate them to a diffrent public site?


  15. Lauren Wood says:

    I think it’s cool that you guys went and talked to homeless people, because odds are the majority of those with the ability to speak about these issues don’t completely understand their struggles themselves.


  16. Lakaylah says:

    I’m watching the news right now and they’re talking about the homeless, this topic is very relevant


  17. soha says:

    Way to actually talk to real people who are living on the street. We never get to hear their stories or perspectives. (The intro is also super hilarious lol)


  18. Sarah Marlin says:

    Flying homeless people across the country just so they wont be on their streets is crazy.


  19. Lauryn Franklin says:

    The homeless man with those glasses on and the scarf in the video killed me. And the homeless man on the poster is killing me too.


  20. Henry Gong says:

    I like your narrative essay and your video, but I think they are not making any trouble so i think they should just leave homeless people alone.


  21. luwamkidane says:

    I was shocked to find out homeless people are sent away on a one-ticket to a different country, hella cruel:( also amazing writing!!


  22. REBECCA LIN says:

    The poster is just so great, because I understand how hard it is to remove that fat white dude!


  23. Kyla Butler says:

    I like the way you set up the video!


  24. leeandrajnaecross says:

    I really enjoyed reading the different parts of this piece it was really interesting, I was very unaware of the homeless being relocated. I didn’t even know that the police was allowed to relocate or even put them in jail like Bam Bam was articulating.


  25. Giuliani says:

    crazy how a city has the money to buy a ticket but can’t afford to support them. 😓


  26. YESHI GYAMTSO says:

    I love your guy’s video. The way how it’s structured is very good and the fact you guys interviewed from multiple people from homeless to store owner.


  27. Tina says:

    I really love how this poster/ essays came out I’m proud!!!


  28. kailajenkins17 says:

    The poster is great! Very thoughtful essays.


  29. Devanae adams says:

    I enjoyed this entire project ! You guys did a great job as I like how you guys actually interviewed those people and got more information to help you write yall stories it’s important that se can see how they live in the reality.


  30. Indigo says:

    Great job on explaining about how the homeless and their relocation is closely tied to economics! I hadn’t quite realized that until I read your project.


  31. Marcelo A. says:

    Interesting topic! I learned a lot about relocation that I had never considered. Nice job!


  32. tenzin nyodrup says:

    this was really interesting how they use money to sent homeless away but not to help them with shelter or food much.


  33. Ravyn Gistarb says:

    Wow never knew the police moves around homeless people that often. They have no life.


  34. Jasmine says:

    This article makes me sad as to what homeless people have to go through day to day.


  35. Jasmine says:

    This is one of the reasons why when I become wealthy I plan on opening up a few homeless shelters…


  36. Evelyn says:

    The title of your poster is very creative


  37. Amber says:

    Omg I have two pair of ghost buster onesies for pajamas!! I’ve never seen the movie but I’m excited.


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