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A definition of ALEC by ALEC. This was a useful source because it allowed us insight into how ALEC viewed/attempted to portray itself.

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ALEC Exposed is a website with the purpose of showing all the details of ALEC’s actions and dealings and giving that information to the general public.

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Written by T. Cama and M. R. Wilson, this article is about ALEC and ExxonMobil coming under fire by the C.M.D.C.C. (the Center for Media Democracy and Common Cause,) claiming that ALEC is not a nonprofit legislator education group, but a corporate lobbying group, and that they are in violation of their 501(c)3 status. The information could be useful for a narrative essay and the movie poster.

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This article is about how the company is being exposed and telling the world about their truth behind ALEC. The article main focus is their shadiness of ALEC and prisons. Many people in the world that prisoners go to jail because of the crime they have created which is true. However ALEC has a major role. Many of the prisoners in jail work to only make 20 cents or not even make anything in a hour. Since they are in jail they have to do what the officer is telling them and the officer listens to the bills and corporations. ALEC has helped create some of the toughest sentencing laws in the books of today.

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General Motors is a company that designs, sells, and manufactures vehicles and vehicle parts. It was also a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council. This specific source is owned by GM, and is an image gallery.

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Hope wrote the article based on her opinion of senator Paul Ryan and his plan for the future of America. The article contains information on Ryan’s link to the American Legislative Exchange Council, as well as a summary of what his plan includes.

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This is a PDF copy of the tax exemption form filed by ALEC for the year of 2013. It contains the revenue of ALEC, who supported them, and the people that manage money for them. This information could be useful for a definition or cause and effect essay.

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The article walks you through numerous examples of ALEC’s interference in Government and state affairs and helped by giving solid and specific facts from a reliable source for use in essays.

Macomber, L. (2014, February 01). Does ALEC Want You to Work Even if You’re Sick? Retrieved January 19, 2017.

Nichols, J. (2015, June 29). ALEC Exposed. Retrieved January 04, 2017.
Nichols wrote this article to introduce the website, “ALEC Exposed,” and to give a brief description on what the website is all about. This article is useful to gain a basic understanding on the general views on ALEC, and the views of ALEC Exposed. This website is very toward trying the let the truth of ALEC out and there lies.

Pilkington, E., & Goldenberg, S. (2013, December 03). ALEC facing funding crisis from donor exodus in wake of Trayvon Martin row. Retrieved January 04, 2017.
Pilkington and Goldberg wrote the article about the 40th annual meeting of ALEC, and how it was discussed there that they had lost more than 60 corporations and 400 legislators after the Trayvon Martin shooting. The article details how the model for the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida originated from the ALEC/NRA partnership. They also talk about how after the shooting, ALEC’s income has fallen short of it’s goals and that they are facing a potential funding crisis.

Poppick, S. (2016, March 21). Just how far would Americans go to avoid the IRS? Retrieved January 13, 2017.
This article contains the results of two polls, one asking Americans to rank famous people they like more than the IRS, and asking them what they would do to get out of paying taxes. It also contains an image of the head of the IRS, John Koskinen. The picture of Koskinen was used in the movie poster.

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Sloan, B. (2015, May 19). Identifying Businesses That Profit From Prison Labor. Retrieved January 19, 2017.
This article talks about the three ways a corporation can be involved in inmate labor, and   how your 401(k) funds these programs. It also contains a large list of corporations that are directly involved, and is categorized by what type of company it is. This information could be useful for someone writing a cause and effect essay, and could contain “producers” for the movie poster.

Staff, R. W. (2011, July). ALEC: The Voice of Corporate Special Interests in State Legislatures. Retrieved January 04, 2017.

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Stanford, J. (2013, September 13). Bush’s ‘Texas Miracle’ debunked, Lone Star State sparks anti-testing revolution. Retrieved January 13, 2017.
The article is about how George W. Bush started a controversial new way of standardized testing that was supposed to bring test scores up in african american and hispanic communities. Instead it resulted in major loss of students from schools, and backlash from teachers nation wide. It also includes a high resolution image of Bush for use in our poster.

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Diane Ravitch is an education historian, and this article is about a series of letters between her and her co-author Deborah Meier on her blog. The topic was education and ALEC came up in the discussion.

Sullivan, L. (2010, October 28). Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law. Retrieved January 13, 2017.
This article talks about how in Arizona, the law SB 1070 passed. This law passed to benefit many of their leaders known as corporations. This law was also to just arrest people. ALEC came in to arrest them just to make money of many undocumented people. When the law was approved many people and activist protest and began to say they were going to boycott corporations because this was benefiting them. This law send hundreds and hundreds of undocumented people to prison where as before this was never done.

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Willis, R. (2016, June 20). ALEC groups fund Ga. primary fights. Retrieved January 05, 2017.
The article by Willis talks about ALEC’s involvement with the Georgia district 17 representative seat race and the “school takeover” proposal for district 17. The names of prominent US representatives and senators, as well as other politicians related to ALEC can be found in this article.

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