Artists Statement: ALEC

By: Latimer Smith

Original Movie Poster for the “Wizard of Oz” in Technicolor, 1939.

The senior IDP is a group project that allows the groups to pick, research, and make art and writing about a topic they think is interesting. My group’s topic is the American Legislative Exchange Council, and we chose to research how the partnerships between ALEC and politicians have shifted the political landscape. The point of the movie poster is to create both a satirical message and picture and to have it mimic the style of the original poster, or a pastiche. We chose to use the Wizard of Oz as our base idea for the poster. The political interpretation of the Wizard of Oz portrays the west as bad and dangerous, and had characters that could be easily related to major figures related to our topic. The way our name fit perfectly to replace the original name of the movie was one of the more compelling reasons we chose to satirize the Wizard of Oz. I replaced the main characters with main people related to ALEC. The somewhat unknown faces to our class replacing the cast and important details are Lisa Nelson, head of ALEC replacing Dorothy and the Witch, the main character and antagonist. Richard Nixon to replace the wizard, he was in opposition to the antagonist and had the power to stop them, but just couldn’t stop them. John Koskinen replaces the cowardly lion, could easily stand up to the antagonist but is seemingly too afraid to. The Tin Man is replaced by Mary Barra, because the Tin Man represented the steel industry, and Barra is the CEO of general motors, a large part of the automobile industry. And George W. Bush replaces the Scarecrow, another person opposed to the antagonist, but just doesn’t have the brain to stop them. Our favorite part would have to be the Paul Ryan flying monkeys and the title itself, as we are proud of it. Our message is that corporations are paying ALEC to write and lobby new legislation, for AlEC partnered politicians to get passed, that have benefits for all parties involved. I feel that between the people we chose and the name and pretext of “We’re off to pay the writers, the wonderful… Writers of Laws,” should convey some idea of corruption in the legislative process, and replacing the production company with ALEC shows their involvement.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. soha says:

    The rhyming slogan is super clever!


  2. Tennessee Tillery says:

    Again I have to appreciate how well this piece was done, not only was it incredibly well done artistically, but it was also able to effectively get across the point in an easy to understand way


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