Pushed out of House and Home

Artist’s Statement

By: Cecelia Bell, Luka Cado, London Haines, Emet Levy, and Rebecca Lin

Who stands to gain the most socially and economically through gentrification, and what are the related costs of this process? This research question is what our group set out to answer at the beginning of the IDP. As the cost of living rises and it becomes more and more expensive to live in the Bay Area where we grew up, our group wanted to know more about the implications of gentrification. The term gentrification conjures ideas of rising housing costs and change in community demographics. When we started researching the realities of gentrification, also sometimes know as urban renewal, we quickly realized that there was much more to it than we expected. Although we had heard this word and knew a little about what it meant, my group began to realize what a complicated issue it was. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about this multifaceted topic.

Omen of Gentrification 

A narrative essay exploring the daily life of someone experiencing gentrification.

Let’s Talk Cause, and Figure Out Effects

Insight on the racial tension in gentrifying urban neighborhoods.

Gentrification: What’s it Good For?

This essay defines the benefits and negative impacts of gentrification.

Annotated Works Cited: Gentrification

An annotated bibliography.

22 Comments Add yours

  1. emet levy says:

    Overall, Great project


  2. Josh Kluger says:

    I studied the homeless and what is happening is not cool.


  3. I really like the whole project how it was organized with everything. well done!!!!!!


  4. Jade Grisby says:

    What does the starbucks cup on the poster represent?


  5. Destiny says:

    this is a really well done project guys good job


  6. luke says:

    Now I understand that gentrification is not black and white…


  7. Chaia Wyatt says:

    I liked how you guys focused on SF and the Bay Area because I didn’t really know about how much gentrification affected us but one of the maps you showed was really cool and relevant to see where people went to from SF when they had to leave their homes.


  8. Lauren Wood says:

    Gentrification is a scary concept. It seems like you guys covered it really well.


  9. justinowenss says:

    The poster is clever, I wouldnt have thought about not changing the astronaut and incorporate them into the meaning of the shot


  10. Kyla Butler says:

    I like the poster!


  11. Giuliani says:

    Gentrification is very scary. It is something that has to be changed. their rent is going out the roofs. just crazy. We need to help and change this.


  12. Tennessee Tillery says:

    I find the poster very interesting!! It definitely conveys your message well


  13. YESHI GYAMTSO says:

    Shame Shame, these people are truly heartless. Making the rent so high that the poor would move out. People need to communicate!


  14. Tina says:

    Really nice job on the movie poster it has so much detail. I love how the city is on earth.


  15. kailajenkins17 says:

    Never understood what gentrification was until after reading. So messed up.


  16. Marcelo A. says:

    The news interview type video was really engaging to watch, it was very interesting seeing a topic I didn’t know much about. Good work!


  17. luwamkidane says:

    Love this topic, it’s so crazy how I’m noticing gentrification in Berkeley:(


  18. Devanae adams says:

    What does the Starbucks cup mean on the poster? Overall you guys covered the topic really well !


  19. Indigo says:

    This topic is actually really valuable. My parents and I are basically living trough being gentrified currently and can relate to the problems of gentrification quite well.


  20. Darkius says:

    Many people dont understand how serious this stuff is but there is not second chances for people being forced into the street.


  21. Evelyn says:

    i enjoyed your video because we got to see the defferent points of views on gentrification


  22. Ravyn Gistarb says:

    Love the poster, with the google building in the background, the Starbucks cup and the apple sign on the astronaut helmet.


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