Artist Statement: Bustin’ Out the Bums


Our project is about homeless people being relocated to different cities , states and/or, countries. We picked this topic because we wanted to focus on something that we very much cared about and saw on a daily bases. Our research question is “What are the social and economic impacts of homeless relocation? Also who loses and benefits from it? We used satire on the movie poster Ghostbusters by turning the title into Bumbusters. By changing the title we demonstrated that people are trying to remove the homeless off the streets. Our group chose the movie Ghostbusters because we thought there was a lot to work with. There’s a lot of detail on the original poster so it was a really pleasant poster to work with. Some key elements I included were the homeless man in the large NO symbol, I thought the texture of the red looked really good with the background. My favorite part had to be replacing the head of a ghostbuster with Jesse Arreguin because I just love how his hair is blended in with the original character. He’s the one in the middle. Notice the 3D effect on the title Bumbusters. I also love the homeless man because he turned out really good. The message behind this poster is that homeless people are always being relocated, the people who relocated them are mayors of the city. It then  gets passed on to the police and they make them leave. Some mayors such as the mayor of New York  is to the right of Jesse. He gives the homeless a one way ticket out of the city. He is one of the big contributors to fund homeless relocation. We decided to use “We Want them Out” as our tagline because the 5 faces that were used on the poster don’t want the homeless in their city. When there are homeless people in the city, the less likely it is for tourist to come. In the poster I believe my message was quite successful in saying that we out busting the bums of the streets. 

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  1. emet levy says:

    The photoshop work on this is fantastic & the topic is clearly conveyed through the visual


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