Artist Statement: Freaking for Friday

Ravyn Gistarb, Lee’Andrajnae Cross, Taisia Newman, and Nehar Ali

Our project is about the legalization of prostitution  and the different arguments around it. “ How does law and regulations of prostitution influence social attitudes and practice in prostitution in America? ”. Satire is a way to use humor, irony, or exaggeration to point out and criticize people’s stupidity, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. However pastiche is an artistic work that imitates another artist work in a way and that is what me and my group did to express our topic.

The movie that we chose for or movie poster was “Freaky Friday”. We chose this movie because the complex of the movie shows two different sides which is the life of a teenage girl and the life of a mother. Also we thought that the title would be a little interesting to play with since our topic is prostitution, so we changed the title to “Freaking For Friday”.

In the movie poster the key elements I removed is Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis face and replaced them with two people that me and my group researched about which is Heidi Fleiss a famous  madam(prostitute) in Los Angeles and Charlie Sheen a famous actor. I added in a stack of money, a picture of a pimp, a box of trojan condoms for charlie sheen, and a address book for heidi fleiss. Also I replaced the title, name of the actors, the text at the bottom that explains who directed and produced the “movie” and put in two logos, the california and nevada flag. Those two flags suppose to reveal the comparison between them with prostitution. The address book in heidi fleiss hand represents why she ever got busted for what she was doing as a job which was basically prostituting. My favorite part of the movie poster is the stack of money, the pimp, and the title.

The intended message of this poster is mostly showing a little bit of the story of Heidi Fliess and Charlie Sheen when she got caught with her address books which was filled with all the people that payed to hook up with her, and one of them were Charlie Sheen. Also the two flag logos on the right is suppose to that my group was doing a comparison with California and Nevada My work kind of successfully communicated my message, it would have been shown through this movie poster a little better.

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