Artist’s Statement: Apartment Renov8ing


While working on this project I was able to distinguish the difference between pastiche and satire. Once I understood that a pastiche is a play on the visual and contextual content provided and that satire is more of a commentary on nonspecific idea, I could clearly and concisely alter a movie poster in order to convey my personal beliefs and understandings surrounding the topic of gentrification. I chose to use this movie poster because it had “pun-tential” and the imagery was appealing. I found this poster compelling, due to the forward movement of the space man and the lightings ominous intrigue. The key elements I included were, modern brands commonly associated with gentrification like, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Apple. I also included a gleaming skyline of both a fabricated city and San Francisco to demonstrate the renovation of the moon. There is also a rocket ship included in my pastiche in order to display the space mans travel from the earth to the moon and back again. Some details that I want people to notice are, the San Francisco skyline on the distant planet earth, the reflection of a whole foods market in the spaceman’s helmet and the coffee spill that I placed in front of the spaceman. Both the best element and my favorite part of the poster is the reflection of Whole Foods in the spaceman’s helmet, because it is blended in nicely and is the perfect amount of discrete and noticeable. The initial message of my pastiche was to show that gentrification is a merciless processes that has no bounds, so much so that it has the potential to affect the moon. My work seems to serve its purpose, making a clear statement on gentrification while maintaining visual appeal.

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