Artist’s Statement-Drowning in Junk Food

By: Destiny Lloyd

This year for the IDP my group and I decided to do our research on food deserts in Oakland, California. Through this project we are seeking to answer the question, “What are the health, economic, and social factors of food deserts in Oakland, CA.”

The movie poster we chose to satirize was Rango. What attracted us to the Rango was that it was set in a desert which we tied together with food deserts. We also thought there would be a lot we can do with the picture that could help convey what we were trying touch on in our project.

In the movie poster I took out the toy fish Rango was holding and substituted it with a bag of chips and a can of soda. I chose these items because to people in low income neighborhoods, and in neighborhoods where fresh and healthy produce is not available, junk food is most accessible to them. One detail I want the audience to take in is the fact that I switched out Rango’s toy fish for food, which also happens to be my favorite part of the poster.

The message that was supposed to be put out by my pastiche is that a lot of people cling to unhealthy foods because better food isn’t available to them. I think that through my poster and its title that they intended message can be seen easily.


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