Behind The Scenes of Human Trafficking

By: Jordan Grant

Some may say that the younger people are a very easy target in the world of human trafficking. Are the youth more easily influenced into human trafficking than adults are and if so why?

One of the causes of youths being influenced into human trafficking is coercion. Coercion is when someone is persuaded by force or by being threatened to do something they don’t necessarily want to do To a Trafficker using compulsion makes it easier for them to control a victim. (what type of tactics they use to overpower a young person/ talk more about it). (Talk about the effect of traffickers using coercion on a victim)

(what is the cause for for human trafficking to be driven by supply and demand) The Human trafficking market is driven by supply and demand. (what is the effect of this).From research found on a website that describes the difference between the different risk levels, pay wages, labors, And etc. In the world of human trafficking, if you take the lower pay wage as a trafficker your run a lower risk or chance of getting caught doing what you do. If you take the higher wage path, you run a higher risk of being caught and facing more prison time because not only were you bringing the people to the country but you’re also forcing them to do other non-consensual sexual activities with none of their own personal pay wage. Although it is easier for traffickers to get caught the majority of them still choose the higher wage path just due to fact that they’re greedy. But sexual trafficking isn’t the only form of modern slavery or human trafficking it’s just that it’s the most commonly seen form of human trafficking.

this over the web because they don’t have to spend time with that person in person. They just fake a relationship, tell that person that they will care for them, and then sell them across the country. Shy was a tattoo artist at the time. Bianca started to exchange Direct Messages via instagram with Shy because she said she saw that he had a lot of followers and portrayed himself as such a good person. A month went by and she was still exchanging messages with Shy while she had a boyfriend. In the time period of Bianca and Shy exchanging messages, Bianca and her boyfriend had a falling out and she found herself more and more attracted to Shy. Shy told Bianca that he was having a party and that he would like to take her to vegas with him for his birthday. With that she took a taxi cab without second guessing which cost two-hundred dollars from Modesto to San Jose to meet up with him.

The day after she got there Shy was preparing to leave and he told her he had to stop by his tattoo shop real quick. They got there and he took her in the shop and they ended up having Sex in his shop. She said before they left he didn’t even end up grabbing anything from the shop. Soon they went on their trip to “Vegas” and she realized that they weren’t headed in the right direction. Bianca asked where they were going and told him he was going the wrong way. After saying that Shy yelled at her which made Bianca scared and uncomfortable especially when she seen a gun laying on Shy’s lap. After the way he reacted to her giving him directions she was afraid to talk to him at all for the rest of the ride. After a few hours on the road they ended up at a motel in the middle of nowhere. While getting out the car Shy told Bianca to follow him which she did out of fear of his gun. Reaching the door of the room and opening it all Bianca could see was a bunch of girls in there just sitting around. He told her to go in there and take a seat and that he would be back. She asked what was going on and then he shoved her into the room and left. Once Shy left the other girls asked her where she came from and she told them. At that point she had gotten an idea of what was going on and realizing that she was being trafficked. When he got back to the room he handed one of the girls something through the door but didn’t come in. The girl sat down and started breaking down a white powder. Bianca asked her why she was doing that and the girl said it keeps her up so she can get as many dates as possible before she can go to sleep. Bianca said “what do you mean before you can go to sleep?”

The 15 year old girl responded and said “until you make a thousand dollars that night you can’t go to sleep yet. That’s Shy’s number 1 rule when you go on dates.” He also threatened to hurt the girls families and have a whole group of men come and pay $20 so they do what they want with them. On Bianca’s birthday she asked shy if he could take her somewhere to celebrate and he lied and told her they would go out to eat. What he really did was throw her in the back of the back of the car naked and threatened to kill her if she didn’t work that day as he recorded her crying. Shy would make the girls think they were going to get money out of it and Bianca stated that “by them being stupid they would do whatever they could to try and make the most money. Shy had a daughter with a woman who wasn’t apart of his side business and he would bring her along with him on his trips with the girls. He would make the girls sit in the bathroom and watch his daughter while someone else was on a “date”.

so long that she didn’t know anything else and that seemed as if it was her only option.  . Bianca then took her and ran to a nearby gas station and told the clerk what happened. They called a taxi and got out of there fast but the clerk called the police after they left. Shy later came by the gas station searching for them and was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Bianca went on to explain in an interview how shy had brainwashed her and made her turn her back on everyone she had loved or cared about so that it wouldn’t distract her money. While pimping Bianca he also forced her to use drugs so she could stay awake and make him more money. Once she came home she was put into rehabilitation for a period of two months and explained her life afterwards as if she would have to start from the beginning all over again. (add statistics or the psychological of the cause and effect of trafficking)

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  1. London Haines says:

    In the easy Behind the scene of human trafficking was interesting about the girl and the boy shy. Its just super sad that she got kidnaped but thought she was going to vegas.Human trafficking is a really discussing thing and is really sad.


  2. Mia teller says:

    This is really disturbing, the story included really paints a picture of what it’s like for those in trafficking rings and its horrific and definitely not something I was super aware of before… interested to learn more now abt human trafficking especially in the bay area 😦


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