Behind the Scenes

By: Evelyn Garcia Juarez

American Legislative Exchange Council also known as ALEC is an organization that started in the mid 70’s. The American Legislative Exchange Council  cooperates with big corporations and legislators. Meetings are set up and corporations present these “model bills” to legislatures which then are made into laws. ALEC  is designed to make laws that keep people in poverty. The corporations that “donate” money to ALEC want to keep people in poverty because that way their products will be sold more. Over the past years the same organization has slowly taken control of the government in addition to how our government makes its decisions. They slowly became a part of the government that many did not see coming. Lisa B. Nelson is the CEO of ALEC. Lisa Nelson is in control of ALEC. Corporations have the ability to buy votes from politicians. They all provide “donations” and “model rights” that will keep the lower class to keep on buying their products. The owners of big corporations and ALEC are put at an advantage, as the corporations are aren’t monitored by the IRS because their payments to ALEC are technically “donations”, and ALEC gets to keep most of the money because they are a non-profit organization, and therefore cannot be taxed.

ALEC is trying to change the educational system, academic freedom, tax reforms, business, and state budget. ALEC claims to want  to change all these things but it seems that the only focus they have is finding a way to make more money by benefiting from everyone else. Many people of the united states don’t know what ALEC is, if it’s a person or company. I didn’t find out about ALEC until I saw the movie 13th and they opened my mind to what was actually going on behind the scenes. ALEC likes talking about how  it isn’t a preserved organization and how they benefit many  other people. It is obvious when legislators bring the same bills to be seen.


There are bills that legislators bring to the house and they usually seem very familiar. When they seem very familiar that is a sign that they are brought from ALEC’s corporations. Corporations buy legislators out to bring up the “model bills.” Some bills that they have made are Stand Your Ground gun law. After Trayvon Martin was shot and killed ALEC lost many partnerships such as Coca Cola, Koch Brothers etc. Apart from that other big corporations that have publicly withdrawn their partnership with ALEC is Pepsi, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Best Buy, etc. All of these big successful companies made it clear that they used to “donate” money to ALEC in order to have these”modern bills” that would only benefit themselves.  

Although ALEC claims itself to be an open organization, it doesn’t change the fact that it is corrupted. ALEC started in mid 70’s, around 40 years of our government being corrupted.

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