It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, no! Issa Drone!


Artist Statement

Darius Varize, Lauren Baldock-Wood, Lionell Jones, Luke Wenger

The employment of drones within the past decade has skyrocketed since they were first introduced to the spotlight in 2001. Since, there has been a great amount of controversy in relation to the ethics and legality of their usage in military combat. Our group saw this assignment as an excellent opportunity to explore the history of drone technology as well as their capabilities. The purpose of drones has been to keep soldiers distant from harm. However, there are also privacy violations and hazards that accompany the devices themselves. A drone pilot may or may not recognize the dangers associated with their work. However, the reality is that drones can cause far more harm than initially intended.

The research question we attempted to answer is “What are the strategic economic and human effects of the integration of drones on modern warfare?” In our project we wrote three different types of essays to vividly interpret the purpose of drones for people. The definition essay clearly explains what a Drone is, while the Cause & Effect essay explains the consequences of operating a UAV, and finally the narrative essay gives an example of what damage drone technology is capable of.The goal for our title was to create a name that was catchy yet true to the material we were providing and found through research.


Beginner’s Guide To Drones

The Changing Game of Thrones

The Reaper

Annotated Works Cited

30 Comments Add yours

  1. emet levy says:

    Why did you choose to focus your research on drones in warfare rather than the general use of drones?


    1. luke says:

      Because regular drones are even more boring


  2. Josh Kluger says:

    Drones are outta line for killing so many citizens that don’t pose as a threat.


  3. Sarah Marlin says:

    Obama with that hair is killing me


    1. luke says:

      Acctually hes killing people in Somolia, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq and Afganistan


  4. Erez Frank says:

    I am very interested in the ethical dilemma of this research question. Despite this being a very effective and intelligent form of war, would you as the researchers say that is is fair? Some may say that this way of killing is the cowards way.


    1. luke says:

      No it isent fair but that is war.


    2. Lauren Wood says:

      Dilemma’s the perfect word for it. The US isn’t the only nation using military drones, which is why I don’t think it’s completely unfair. I also don’t think drones are being used out of fear, but they are definitely the easy way out.


  5. Shayla Smith says:

    obama and the dude with glasses lace front is on fleek hunny, i wonder if they used Got2be Glue for that frontal? Hmm or is it a 4 x 4 or a 360 frontal? hmmm, this was a very cool topic especially bc its warfare and I wasn’t aware of the use of drones and how they are used in war very cool project


  6. It was very thought full with every single peace. I really enjoyed reading to the main points and learned so much from it. well done!!!!


  7. Jade Grisby says:

    Obamas hair in your poster is the best thing ever


  8. Destiny says:

    The intro was v well written and


  9. Latimer Smith says:

    I hadn’t really thought much of military choice other than being the better tactical choice than human soldiers, but reading your combined works got me thinking on how much should the pilots be held responsible for “collateral damage” during operations.


  10. Chaia Wyatt says:

    All I knew about drones before your presentation was the small drones that people use for fun. It was cool to see how they are used on a larger scale!


    1. luwamkidane says:

      Very informative video!!! You know your stuff


  11. Lauryn Franklin says:

    Luke in all these videos deserves an oscar especially with this one man show! LOL


  12. justinowenss says:

    Luke is funny man.. Its crazy how deadly technology has gotten, like warfare is scary in these contemporary times


  13. Kyla Butler says:

    Luke 😂 I needed that laugh


  14. Tennessee Tillery says:

    I love the humorous tone to the video as well as the tone, very well made!


  15. Giuliani says:

    these drones are ridiculous. Whether it’s the ones from the government or the ones from Best Buy. smh


  16. YESHI GYAMTSO says:

    Luke, great acting and the special effects on the video are just awesome!! two thumbs up from me.


  17. Marcelo A. says:

    The video was amazing quality! Where did you get the cgi drones right at the end there?


  18. kailajenkins17 says:

    The narrative was very sad at the end. But the poster and the video … great !


  19. Devanae adams says:

    This video was well put together and very funny as well as informative. I enjoyed watching Luke like really should be a comedian


  20. Henry Gong says:

    The video is hilarious and realized how powerful the drones are, it can be a potential to hurt more people or protect more people.


  21. Indigo says:

    Before I read this I always thought of drones as a logical tactical advantage to the military, but you guys revealed the ethics which starts to muddle the morality of wether they should be used. Good job!


  22. tenzin nyodrup says:

    Luke. your video was really nice. So much info in such a short video.


  23. leeandrajnaecross says:

    Very informational


  24. Taisia says:

    Beautiful cover photo and also funny


  25. Ravyn Gistarb says:

    Great project, when I first saw this I thought this project was going to be about the toy drones also.


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