Cause & Effect Of Prostitution

California Prostitution VS. Nevada Prostitution

Prostitution is defined as “the practice and interaction between two people using sexual behavior for an exchange; for example money, drugs and other merchandise”. It’s known as one of the oldest professions because,  “In the 21st century, prostitution occurs across cultures and political systems, even operating in socialist societies. The originator of the phrase “the world’s oldest professionand also sex is something that everyone is capable of finding.  It’s something that you already have easy to access to. Prostitution isn’t just for women, there are  children and males prostitute too.

Image result for NO!! New California Bill DOES NOT legalize Child Prostitution.

California SB 1322 Helps protect kids under the age of 18 by stating they can not be arrested for prostitution. An article named California’s New Misguided Policy Future Exploits Child Prostitutes states,  “The law exempts persons under 18 years of age from criminal statutes regarding soliciting, engaging in, and loitering for purposes of prostitution if that minor receives money or other consideration. Further, it will require a law enforcement officer to refer the juvenile to a county social services agency.”  This shows that minors will not be arrested for prostitution. Although it is not saying that it’s legal for kids to prostitute, the law have to protect them. Protect them from pimps using them to make money for them,  and the youth working for the pimp. The prostitutes need somewhere to live and someone to help them provide for themselves. The job that pimps have is to make the prostitutes feel safe and have someone to depend on because of a lot them don’t have friends and family that care about them. It is even easier for the pimps because the kids are young and confused, especially at their age. The younger they are the easier to persuade and manipulate. The law mentioned before was not created to say that prostitution is legal for persons under the age of 18. The law is trying to help the young sex workers get out the sex business, which is also considered child prostitution and child abuse, for which  you can be put in prison for and six to eight years maximum. The police officer’s job is to make the kids feel safe to come to them, to protect them. Making prostitution legal makes life better for a prostitute. One can see this  look at the difference between California vs. Nevada.

California has the high for arrest rate for prostitution in, United States.The reason why it’s illegal in California and other states except Nevada, is because  the profession is seen as a negative act prostitutes are seen as a slut, whore, ho, thot, a disgusting person with no self respect. They are all seen as something negative except to customers that pay them to get pleasured. It’s might seem odd that the government and  laws tell you, that you can’t do anything with your  body, but there are reasons . They’re trying to keep prostitutes safe, studies say, “A study of San Francisco prostitutes found that 82% had been assaulted and 68% had been raped while working as prostitutes. Another study of prostitutes in Colorado Springs found they were 18 times more likely to be murdered than non-prostitutes their age and race”. 68% of women had been raped, and that’s just in one city. So you can imagine how many rapes there have been in the whole United States due to illegal prostitution. Prostitutes are more likely to be raped than any other profession. Physical and verbal abuse by the customers and pimps also hurts prostitutes.We can improve their lives prove by making it a safer environment, by having a spot where they can do this profession safely. Making prostitution legal makes life better for prostitutes.

They are some negatives things that legalization won’t change. You’re going to always be judged, people will look at you differently. You lose friends being a prostituting. You have to have sex with strangers; you don’t know who they are, or their history of sexual activity. They do not treat you with respect, so you’re treated like an animal. You more likely to be raped. It’s hard for them to find relationships because a lot of men don’t want a “whore” as a girlfriend or panter. Usually this profession is a kept secret, they keep it away from their friends and family. You’re not always receiving what you worked for, as you can be ripped off easily. You start to build trust issues because your pimp or your prostitutes friends can change on you and stab you in the back after you put trust in them. You deal with a lot of abuse problems that can mentally mess with the person, this is how a lot of them start to take pill or drugs to numb their feelings or face ,  exactly what their experience and also they see a lot of things that not to many people see everyday. This occurs for every illegal state like California.

Compared to Nevada, however, is different in Nevada, because of it’s legalized prostitution. Organized to keep the women safe, although they put them in an isolated area which separates them from society, so that no one feels uncomfortable or see them, the workers in Nevada don’t have as many complications

The benefits of being a prostitute is the money is quick and pretty good. Prostitute can wear whatever they want. The gossip is good; you get to know everyone business which can be interesting for some. If you control your own money that’s a benefit and if you enjoy sex a lot then that can be another benefit by doing something you like and getting paid.

Prostitution should be legal because for one they take up jail space but aren’t violent. It should be legal to be able to sell your own body because that’s something you own that no one should be able to tell you what to do, especially if you are not harming anyone. People take their own risks with for themselves. People do that all the time like Police officers, Firefighter, Sunt man etc. I think if they are not hurting anyone else, there should not be a problem.

Laws that come along with this job,  can have a big effect on the worker because it’s illegal everywhere except Nevada, even there. It has to happen in a brothel- a house where men can meet and have sex with prostitutes, also know as a whore house. “The case for making it against the law to buy sex begins with the premise that it’s base and exploitative and demeaning to sex workers. Legalizing prostitution expands it, the argument goes, and also helps pimps, fails to protect women, and leads to more back-alley violence, not less”.   The goal of legal prostitution is to protect sex workers from pimps and predators to be in less violent situations.

The pimps  are likely to not respect the female employees that are working for them. The pimp is only worried about money that can benefit him only. Since he provides “protection” for his prostitutes, “the pimp feels that the power dynamic in the employee and employer relationship is skewed in his favor”. He feels he/she has power over the women power physically, sexually, and emotionally. The relationship between a pimp and his prostitution is a form of power abuse where the pimp always has more authority. The worker is supposed to do what she’s told with no questions asked.We’re trying to keep you safe and you should respect yourself and know your body wealth and not sell sex for money. Nevada prostitution is only illegal when you have a permit only if theirs and legal licensed brothels in location in the eight counties in the state. In the other counties and outside of licensed brothels in the counties where prostitution is illegal. It’s a felony if you don’t do it do under illegal contact. In brothel and only certain areas in Nevada just like California but we don’t have illegal rules about prostitution. A life of a prostitute isn’t the best stable living environment for anyone.

The streets for the worker are very dangerous, prostitution also subject to violence and abuse because the clients feel as if they have more power than them, not only because they are women, but because their profession is known as unimportant to society. Many prostitutes come from a difficult life already. Some come from abusive households, others foster care and some never had a family. They are runaways from their real live alienated from society and their parents. They ultimately resort to prostitution as a means of getting by and making fast money.


The prostitution go along with it because mostly they don’t have anyone to they rely on the pimp to be their care provider. Society doesn’t think about why is this person prostituting what they have going on in their personal life their just seen as a whore. “Society has basically given up on eliminating prostitution. Therefore, in most major cities around the world, there are neighborhoods where prostitution is concentrated. Society drives prostitution into one part of town where prostitution can go “unseen” during the hours of the night.” In society they put everyone who’s prostituting in a brothel one in certain areas to keep the prostitute safe and off the streets in Nevada only but the  prostitutes are on scene because they’re in a particular place where they put the whores so they won’t bother anyone in anyway.  

Due to all of the bad things about prostitution in other states it hasn’t really been issued in Nevada do you do that is legal and helpful for the prostitutes have a safe place. There hasn’t been any complaints about how the system works in Nevada Legalizing prostitution is saved on both ends for society . The law for the kids should be the same to keep them out of trouble and also for them being forced or even using sex acts I also think that it will open more job opportunities for other people is to control the whorehouse and make it safe place for the prostitute. Legalizing prostitution also keeps the prostitutes away from pimps in able to make your own money over there and what I should I say own work. That’s why we should legalize  prostitution in a professional way you guys regardless of the circumstances prostitution will not be stopped it came to be one of the oldest professions.

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