Society Vs. Prostitution

Society vs prostitution

Prostitution is something that many people are affected with the Influence of prostitution. Looking at the information on social media in some places prostitution is  not allowed and some places they take no action against those people who commit a crime. The woman tells the story of her past and what happened to her while she was working as a prostitute. 

21d3156342e34cb2d9114863956fa0faI went down there a couple of guys pistol-whipped me and put me in the trunk of their car. They had approached me before because I was, as they called it, “unrepresented” on the street. All I knew was the light in the trunk of the car and then the faces of these two guys with their pistol. First they took me to a cornfield out in the middle of nowhere and raped me. Then they took me to a hotel room and locked me in the closet”. A prostitute might sleep with five strangers a day. Across a year, that’s more than 1,800 men she’s having sexual intercourse or oral sex with. These are not relationships, no-one’s bringing me any flowers here, trust me on that. They’re using my body like a toilet . she was struggling with these issues throughout her life because that life made her to different person. Around the world that is happening young girl get raped and that is something that we need to addressed to figured out how this is going to resolved . if you look at the data it’s much higher and see the how many women and young girl are raped .  it’s ridiculous and sad to see how many women and young girl life getting deteriorate. The government should take action against those people who is using that way to get money.

“I prostituted for 14 or 15 years before I did any drugs. But after a while, after you’ve turned as many tricks as you can, after you’ve been strangled, after someone’s put a knife to your throat or someone’s put a pillow over your head, you need something to put a bit of courage in your system” . This quote illustrate that in the reality they see the struggle that drive their life to another whole point, because when you see so many young girl are experiences discomfort in their daily life. Many people don’t care about other people in the interest of money and sexual slavery that can development another war in the whole world . People don’t care but when their family are experiencing the same situation than they realized that painful feeling  . “I was a prostitute for 25 years, and in all that time I never once saw a way out. But on 1 April 1997, when I was nearly 40 years old, a customer threw me out of his car. My dress got caught in the door and he dragged me six blocks along the ground, tearing all the skin off my face and the side of my body”. Based on this information she went through many hard path way. She was almost their whole life figuring out ways to get away from the conflict but was not easy to get out from that place . Those people treated her so badly that ever she forgot about her family . Everyday her life was taken , she has no control of her own body that’s how people lived life in some places . I went to the County Hospital in Chicago and they immediately took me to the emergency room. Because of the condition I was in, they called in a police officer, who looked me over and said: “Oh I know her. She’s just a hooker. She probably beat some guy and took his money and got what she deserved.And I could hear the nurse laughing along with him. They  pushed me out into the waiting room as if I wasn’t worth anything, as if I didn’t deserve the services of the emergency room after all . This is ridiculous because even the reality is treat them the same like they did everything and chose to be a “hooker”. I feel like that was not the right way to speak to someone like that , if you don’t know anything but why just labeled them the way how the reality see them . Instead of that they should helping her not to  blaming them for no reason . Even the police officer was laughing and told her to wait in the waiting room . she was not in that conduction to answer the question about become “hooker” and what happened to her. The community will just see them in the bad manners that’s not what we call community . while I was waiting for the next shift to start and for someone to attend to my injuries, that I began to think about everything that had happened in my life. Up until that point I had always had some idea of what to do, where to go, how to pick myself up again. Suddenly it was like I had run out of bright ideas. I remember looking up and saying to God, “These people don’t care about me. Could you please help meEven all of that was going on she was experiencing more hardship that was not fair to her to be part of it . Meanwhile, her painful life was still driving her crazy throughout that time. If you look at her conflict that she is experiencing and no one is helping her . She was not stable and not at that condition to explain herself . The injuries that she had was unexpected and even the people in the hospital was not helping her .  “A doctor came and took care of me and she asked me to go and see social services in the hospital. What I knew about social services was they were anything but social. But they gave me a bus pass to go to a place called Genesis House, which was run by an awesome Englishwoman named Edwina Gateley, who became a great hero and mentor for me. She helped me turn my life around” . Suddenly , a doctor came to help her in some ways because she was still in the waiting room waiting for someone to help her . They didn’t even give her any treatment to help her injuries and feel little bit better . The doctor just give her a note to go there and they will help you out as much as they can . Actually that helped her out and made her life easy to spend the rest of her life time .  “Edwina Gateley” the woman who help her to stand on her feet and face the reality .  she almost spent two years in the “genious house” that lifestyle made her totally different person . Edwina never asked her for anything just treat her as a family throughout her life . Brenda Myers was feeling confident after long period of time . If  Edwina didn’t helped her she was not able to live in reality and face all the challenge again , she made her strong and be able to talk about herself . “Edwina Gateley, I learned the value of that deep connection that can occur between women, the circle of trust and love and support that a group of women can give one another . when a woman gets out of prostitution, she doesn’t want to talk about it. What man will accept her as a wife? What person will hire her in their employment”. Edwina showed her that women are strong , we just need to show the spirit and people can learned from it . To get lesson from the real story and personal life experience that you were facing . Many women are not able to talk about their life situation because they think that who going to accept them as their wife and give them job that was the whole point . Brenda showed that even though all the hardship and coming out from the proposition . Brenda told her whole story from the young age until now step by step so that way people will be more aggressive about changing their mind about some ideas about sex slavery and realized the back flip and think about people’s life is worthy not to play with it.  It is supposed to chase away children’s nightmares. That’s what we want to do – we want to chase away those bad dreams, those bad things that happen to young girls and women . Brendan focus on that and volunteering in the sex workplaces to research about the real issues that  many people are facing in the current life . To protect young girl’s life . We meet up with women who are still working on the street and we tell them ,  “There is a way out, we’re ready to help you when you’re ready to be helped.” We try to get through that brainwashing that says, “You’re born to do this, there’s nothing else for you.” I also run after-school clubs with young girls who are exactly like I was in the 1970s. I can tell as soon as I meet a girl if she is in danger, but there is no fixed pattern . Basically , Brenda get along with her awesome work and  preparing the young girls to not panic about the struggle that they are facing in the young age . The club is for the women and young girl who stayed on the street to earn money . Brenda give courage and voice to women to speak and stand up and speak about the issues .  “So far, we have 13 girls who have graduated from high school and are now in city colleges or have gotten full scholarships to go to other colleges. They came to us 11, 12, 13 years old, totally damaged. And now they’re reaching for the stars” . In that “club “ Brenda help the young girl to work hard and forget about the fast and think about the future . For instance just think about your brighter future that is ahead of you , that way many of them went to high school and graduated and got into colleges with full scholarship . Education is the key to be successful in life . I feel like no one will do this if you deeply think about but the way how Brenda see is herself . “I am here to tell you – there is life after so much damage, there is life after so much trauma. There is life after people have told you that you are nothing, that you are worthless and that you will never amount to anything. There is life – and I’m not just talking about a little bit of life. “There is a lot of life”.  The bottom line is , don’t give up on something that people think that you can’t do it .


For example just look at Brenda how she become strong woman to told her personal life experience to the whole world . she believed that nothing is impossible if you put yourself out there and believe in yourself , There is still time to forget about past mistakes and take advantage of the time and live your life the way how you want to .

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