Meat Buyers Club

By: Tenzin Nyodrup

Our group researched factory farming in order to answer the question “how have social attitudes towards factory farming changed given rising environmental issues and agricultural economics?” I found out factory farming is a horrible practice that not only kills animals for human consumption, but also has a detrimental effect on human health, people who live in rural communities, and the environment.

Our group decided to use the “DALLAS BUYERS CLUB” movie poster. The reason why we chose this movie poster was because it had good scenery that we could change and a plethora of open space for me to play around. The compelling thing about the poster to me was the man standing in the center looked little like a farmer that I turned into a butcher.

The key elements I added to the movie poster were the animals being transported, a factory, tyson logos, the CEO of Tyson, a machete knife, the McDonald’s sign, some factory farm animals and the skull of cow. Some key details that I want the audience to see are the animals in the car and the machete on the CEO of Tyson’s hand. The best element that I added was the CEO of Tyson on the head of Matthew McConaughey’s body because it looked almost perfect to me. It was also my favorite part due to it being flawless photoshop.

The message of my poster is to show the predators and and the victims of the factory farming industry. I think the poster represents the message since the predators are photoshopped as free in the open space while the animals are either trapped in the car or dead with their skull hanging out.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mia teller says:

    I think this poster is super clever! The photoshopping is really well done and I feel like there is just the right amount of tweaking to keep it recognizable but also relate it to the meat industry. I also love the detail in the small type at the bottom, pointing out how it mainly affects low-income people etc. very nice touch.


  2. soha says:

    I really loved your poster. Super eye catching and clever. Loved the tiny details, like the cow skull and the animals in the car. NICE 🙂


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