The Everyday Life of Prostitution

Artist Statement: Freaking For Friday


Nehar Ali, Lee’Andrajnae Cross, Ravyn Gistarb, Taisia Newman

After a great deal of thought, our group decided to research issues around prostitution in our society. We were particularly interested in trying to figure out how society’s attitudes toward prostitutes impact sex work, and the laws and regulations around this work in America. Prostitution is defined as sexual interactions between persons of any gender in exchange for payment and has been a significant aspect of every human civilization throughout history, yet it remains a taboo subject. We were very curious about this and the relationship between social attitudes and the legal status of sex work in America.

The question me and my group were trying to answer is how does laws and regulations of prostitution influence social attitudes and practices in prostitution in America? We found out that laws and regulations of prostitution our ancient history in our society and that the laws historically has made a very big impact  on the society today. The laws and regulations go back as far as Hammurabi code. Women back then were not appreciated or accepted as human beings, they were not allowed to own things because they weren’t married. Today prostitution is illegal because of our past laws of history. The government has also made a new law called SB 1332, it protects minors (People younger than 18) from being prosecuted for prostitution. It allows them to be victimized instead of being looked at the target or the suspect. We have answered that the laws and regulations that we have now have been from historic events and influences the way prostitution is looked at.

In this project we had to write four essays and a annotated works cited page. We also had to create a movie poster where we had a person learn the process of photo shopping and create our own individual movie poster that corresponded and related to our project. We also had to create a movie and or video that demonstrated we had a clear understanding of the things we researched and we can show and explain it in video form. Through this whole process we gained the skills of studying and researching a lot about one topic and working as a group and learning to communicate and get things done productively and on time.

The Artists Statement is a brief summary and explanation of our project and what we did collectively as a group. It details very thoroughly what the movie poster portrays and how that ties into our entire project. Also why we chose the poster we chose and the process of working on it. What was challenging? And how we still managed to get things done together, although there were so many ideas and opinions how did we depict all of that on the poster.

The Past Impacting The Present is an essay that defines prostitution and describes the history of prostitution. It explains when and where it began, as well as who had a lot of involvement in it. And most of all how has the laws in the past impacted our laws today and shaped the societies views on prostitution. It really covers a lot of information about just prostitution itself.

The  Causes and Effects of Prostitution is a essay that explores the working around the causes and effects of prostitution. What caused prostitution and how has that effected prostitution. In this essay it orates the distinction between laws around prostitution because laws and regulations are big causes and effects of prostitution . The laws are different in different states it is mostly illegal in all states in America except for Nevada and in this essay it lectures a lot about that in specific.

In Society VS. Prostitution is a essay that narrates a lot of different situations about prostitution. It has a lot of women telling their story of being a prostitute and how they are trying to change or have made a change in themselves and want to help their community because of their past experiences. They talk about what made them stronger and why they stopped prostituting. They talk about overcoming their fears to put what they were doing to an end.

In Citing Prostitution is just an annotated citation page that gives you access to everything we’ve got our work from. As well as a brief summary for what most of those sites did for us as we were using them during the research process.


35 Comments Add yours

  1. Makhissa says:

    The pimp on the side of the poster is really funny especially cash that’s just floating.


  2. Josh Kluger says:

    It’s sad when people have to resort to selling their bodies.


  3. London Haines says:

    I like how you can just look at the poster and you can just tell it about prostitution, without it saying prostitution..


  4. Erez Frank says:

    After reading about your project, it has sparked me to ask why it is ok for porn to be legal but not prostitution? They are the same idea (paying someone to have sex). The only difference is that one is being videotaped.


  5. Shayla Smith says:

    Girrrrrrllllllllll i knew from the jump what this pastiche was…hunny freaky friday! thats my movie, i liked the floating pimp he killing me with that vanilla frappacino suit on, but i read your narrative and cause and effect essay..really good information well done


  6. I really like how we organized every single peace and our hard work throughout the project. well done my group good job to my team with IDP project.


  7. Jade Grisby says:

    I like how you have the stack of money and then topped it off with condoms


  8. Destiny says:

    I did a project on prostitution freshman year and I learned more from your essays/project than some of the books I’ve read


  9. Chaia Wyatt says:

    Taisia!! Your outfit was priceless! Your group looked very cohesive and you looked like you worked together well:)


  10. luke says:

    From your movie and rightings I cant figure out if you are pro legalizing prostitution or against prostitution


  11. luke says:

    also Charlie sheen is a dick


  12. Lakaylah says:

    y’all video is really funny


  13. Lauren Wood says:

    It looks like you had fun with this project lol


  14. Lauryn Franklin says:

    Taisia when you were Pinky I lost my mind. What were you thinking with the lipstick?!


  15. justinowenss says:

    I wonder if, in the video, they were just making up those backgrounds to make fun of prostitutes or if the read stories similar to them and modeled their characters after that?


  16. Kyla Butler says:

    Tasia you were very creative with your coustume ☺


  17. REBECCA LIN says:

    Love the video and the Clothes + makeup seems so real ><


  18. Henry Gong says:

    Your video is hilarious and i absolutely love it! You guys did a good job doing this project, during the presentation i was cracking up when 3 of u were walking with Bad And Boujee


  19. Giuliani says:

    I am very shocked that there is states that have prostitution being legal. It very crazy.


  20. Tennessee Tillery says:

    I like the addition of specific names of laws, it definitely helps the argument the authors are trying to make


  21. YESHI GYAMTSO says:

    Damn Nehar, you pimping!! I like how you guys made it a play which sets apart from all the groups.


  22. kailajenkins17 says:

    Poster was greaaaat! And the video was hilarious. The essay about the laws was very informative


  23. luwamkidane says:

    Wow the video was so entertaining while informative!


  24. Devanae adams says:

    As one of the Previous students said I like how you can just read the title and look at the poster and just know what it’s about ! Overall great job and love the video it’s very good love how you included everyone ,


  25. ceceliabell17 says:

    Lots of information on what prostitution is and what it’s like. Good job!


  26. Indigo says:

    You guys talked a lot about women that were trying to change there ways, however did you guys find stories of women that enjoyed being a prostitute, or didn’t want to leave that behind?


  27. amandaw127 says:

    “-after you’ve been strangled, after someone’s put a knife to your throat or someone’s put a pillow over your head, you need something to put a bit of courage in your system.”

    This made me think about the women who are prostitutes and wonder what they have to go through.


  28. Marcelo A. says:

    There was good production value on the video and poster! I liked the news interview format.


  29. tenzin nyodrup says:

    i didn’t know prostitution was so old. I thought it started in the 70s.


  30. Ravyn Gistarb says:

    “Freaky For Friday” lol very clever title you guys.


  31. Darkius says:

    Your video has me weak, you guys really played the characters well.


  32. Jasmine says:

    I loved that video the introduction was the funniest part


  33. Evelyn says:

    Although your video was very funny it also sends a very clear message about prostitution and how women are treated


  34. Taisia says:

    The video funny and the cover photo was nice


  35. Amber says:

    The video really had me weak! I would have never imagined Nehar as a pimp! He looks so good in that character though lol


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