Artist Statement: DRONE WARS


The movie poster my group chose was Star Wars Attack of the clones. The reason why we agree to this one because we had a good name for it which is Drone Wars Attack on The Taliban’s . It fits best for our topic which is Drones we had others in mind like The Dark Knight, Soul Plane, and Dracula. None of them workout so my group member Luke came up with Star Wars and we all liked. What was so compelling about is that the way the name was set up, the faces fit right but it was just a little too much people for it. I added Barack Obama president of The United States of America, Joe Biden vice president, Abe Karem maker of drones, Mullah Omar Leader of the Taliban’s. I removed that green guy, two robots at the bottom right and Samuel L. Jackson . My favorite part is the drones that are added into movie poster it brings it out much more also give it a better understanding to what the subject is about. This art gives a good description about what drones are being used for and the gives out a message that drones not only is good but also bad to peaceful people and having protests against drones.

1481602636740(Original Poster)

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