Chop, Chop and Chow Down!


Luwam Kidane, Chaia Wyatt, Tenzin Nyodrup, and Yeshi Gyamtso

For our fall interdisciplinary project we chose to investigate factory farming. Factory farming is “a large industrialized farm; especially :  a farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost”.

What sparked our interest in factory farming was our lack of knowledge around where our meat comes from, alongside not understanding how our meat is produced and how there is so much meat, a seemingly valuable resource, available in our society. Prior to this project some of us had made dietary changes due to the conditions of animals in factory farms. For instance, Chaia and Luwam, changed their lifestyle and became pescetarian, due to being enlightened by inhumane conditions the animals were put through, and all the environmental issues that arose from Factory Farming. As such we were interested in finding out if our feelings were grounded in fact, and to get a better understanding of the actual situation on factory farms.

Our research question that we acknowledge throughout this project was “how has social attitudes towards factory farming changed given the rising environmental issues and agricultural economics.” while keeping this question in mind, we learned an awful amount of information. The most significant things we found out include the affects of factory on our communities, on our animals, on humans, while highlighting the rewards big corporations receive because of these farms.

We presented our research in a series of essays, an original video and a satirical pastiche of a popular movie poster. Each of these products contribute to the overall message that factory farming needs to be abolished. First and for most, our Definition Essay gave insight to the issues surrounding factory farms. The cause and effect, gave detailed arguments on how factory farming contributes to, environmental, human health and animal issues. Lastly, our narrative essay, tells a story about a young kid who discovers the detrimental impacts of factory farming.

The Truth Behind Factory Farming:

First Comes the Killing, then Comes the Meat 

Amanda’s Factory Farm Dilemma

Meat Buyers Club

Information on Factory Farming


36 Comments Add yours

  1. emet levy says:

    Is there any reason you guys picked Dallas Buyers Club besides the “pun-tential”?


    1. Henry Gong says:

      haha, good one


  2. Makhissa says:

    The photoshop on this topic is awesome, looks really appeasing to the eye.


  3. London Haines says:

    I love how two students became pescetarians after doing research because it shows how they care for their bodies after finding all that amazing info about and also letting others know info to take care of their bodies and don’t let that meat distroy them.


  4. Josh Kluger says:

    The only sustainable form of farming is small facilities that use the manure form the animals to fertilize the fields.


  5. Erez Frank says:

    In one of the essays I read that the animals live in piles of manure. Is this their own manure or is it manure placed by farmers?


  6. Mia teller says:

    I think this whole project is really well done! The essays, the poster, the artist statement is all really eloquent and clear 🙂 I definitely learned a lot that I didn’t know before about the realities of the meat industry–really sad cause meat is so darn good 😥 I think your project will definitely continue to change the mind of those who read it about factory farming .


  7. Shayla Smith says:

    I read the essays and their very compelling and mind blowing i didn’t know that much about factory farming but i do now, i also like how u inserted the little piggies and cows in the car…i wanna save them from the mean man in the tight pants. overall awesome project


  8. This project was well done with everything I like the title of the project. it was wonderful to see how important factory farming.


  9. Destiny says:

    I learned a lot from this project, you all did very well 😊


  10. luke says:

    I think it is really cool that you actually interviewed a real meat farmer. Good work


  11. Lakaylah says:

    the video really makes me want to stop eating meat, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen


  12. Lauren Wood says:

    I like the characters’ names in the narrative 😉


  13. felicityjones17 says:

    I love love loved the presentation because I had no clue what factory farming is and it definitely makes me look twice at the packaging when buying meats


  14. Sarah Marlin says:

    At oxbow we did a whole unit on this kinda thing and the chefs had to make vegan options for everyone for like two weeks.


  15. Lauryn Franklin says:

    Luke was hilarious in the video! The factory farming in 60 seconds made me so sad I couldn’t watch it.


  16. justinowenss says:

    I dont really understand the title of the project, can someone explain? also that one part of the vid was really sad and disturbing. 😦


  17. REBECCA LIN says:

    Love the little details in the poster, and I have to say that I am a vegetarian right now after watching this!


  18. Kyla Butler says:

    It’s very impressive Yeshi that you speak three languages and wrote a essay


  19. Tina says:

    factory farming really made me think about what I am putting in my body and how poorly animals are being treated. I love your movie poster.


  20. Henry Gong says:

    After reading all this i definitely will change my eating habits, i never realized how disturbing factory farming is, how they treat the animals, i liked your poster and i think it looks well done.


  21. Giuliani says:

    Makes me really sad that people have no shame in doing this.


  22. YESHI GYAMTSO says:

    Although this is my group project, I had to comment here saying that you guys rock!! Luwam and Chaia were always reminding and giving feedbacks to the group. Which really made this group special. And there is Tenzin who always made the group laugh with his sarcasm. It was a pleasure working with you guys!! <3<3<3<3


  23. kailajenkins17 says:

    This is so sad. Definitely will read labels!


  24. Marcelo A. says:

    The topic discussed is rather intriguing! While the use of gory footage was perhaps a bit much, I found it to be a big attention draw and it showed a side I didn’t expect to see, great work!


  25. pearlstark says:

    After watching your video, and reading Luwam’s essay I’m back to being a pescatarian… Its always good to be reminded what we are putting into our bodies.


  26. Devanae adams says:

    Video wow !! I can’t beilove they do those to the animals I’m debating now if I want to eat meat any more not , very convincing video guys love it !


  27. Indigo says:

    Did you guys ever read about Tempel Grandon? She did a lot of work to make factory farms humane.


  28. Indigo says:

    Did you guys ever read about Tempel Grandon? She did a lot of work to make factory farms humane since as an autistic person she was able to understand how the animals felt.


  29. amandaw127 says:

    Before watching your video, I announced to my parents that I might stop eating chicken and pork (but it’s so good) and after watching it, I’ve decided that for now on the only meat I’m eating is fish and sticking to my favorite veggies.


  30. tenzin nyodrup says:

    Even though this was my group I just have to say all three of the essay was informative and well done. Usually I don’t read much. I mean i never read but those essay was interesting enough for me to want to read it. thanks guys.


  31. Darkius says:

    I had some idea about animal crulity before reading this page but I honestly didnt think it was to this degree. This was definitely an eye opener.


  32. Jasmine says:

    This video definitely makes me reconsider my eating habits


  33. Evelyn says:

    Your video had a very strong message and made me think a little more about where my food comes from


  34. Taisia says:

    This one I actually learnt a lot about this topic, well done


  35. Ravyn Gistarb says:

    I’ve always knew what they did to the animals but this project motivates me to be more of a pescatarian.


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