Who has the power? Me or State Laws?

LaKaylah Mason

Period 6, IDP

January 10,2017

Abortion has become an ongoing debate in the social world. Many people are for abortion, whereas others are strongly against it. This debate between pro and anti-abortion not only has an effect on our country, but also has become a state issue. In many states such as Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Alabama anti-abortion has been the face, currently setting laws that make it harder for women to get an abortion. Whereas in other states such as California,Washington and Virginia are ranked the nation’s best states for reproductive rights.

The history of abortion has brought a social divide between women’s rights and the rights of the unborn infant. Many believe that killing an unborn infant is murder, whereas others see abortion as a right to privacy under the fourteenth amendment. But what is most neglected in this situation , is the woman’s experience. Choosing to keep the infant growing inside of her or aborting  it and dealing with a lifetime of the one memory that will forever haunt her. The post traumatic stress that comes after the abortion and the constant stress of being criticized by other people has a huge impact on a woman’s experience.From 1973 until now, abortion has become an ongoing topic in our social world and the many states that oppose of it.State laws that have become stricter  and social opinions that degrade abortions, cause uncomfortable experiences for women.

Roe vs. Wade was the supreme court case that changed abortion laws for the whole U.S. Norma McCorvey using the alias name Jane Roe sued Texas, allegedly stating that the Texas laws violated her constitutional right and more broadly, the rights of all women. The court case looked in two views, the women seeking an abortion and the unborn child. People against abortion felt that no matter the situation, unborn infants are still considered a human which makes abortion along the lines of murder, whereas people pro abortion felt that it’s a right to a woman’s privacy and also it’s a woman’s decision as to what she does with her body.

Despite the nationwide legality of abortion, some states including Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Alabama are making it harder for women to get abortions, creating and producing laws that are making abortions more limited. For instance in Texas there is a law called “fetal pain” that restricted a lady from having an abortion and forcing her to have a stillborn baby.

In Alabama second trimester abortions are banned which, is the most common method  to limit abortions. This can be seen as a problem due to the fact that the second trimester starts within the thirteen week.It’s common that most women find out they’re pregnant in the first trimester. But for the women that don’t and decide on getting an abortion by the thirteenth week in Alabama sadly are denied. By banning second trimester abortions, it shrinks the ratio of women having abortions, especially in the state of Alabama. Adding laws around the U.S that prevent, and or limit abortions has a huge effect on women.

Abortions for women has not only a physical aftermath but also a psychological one. Some physical issues that can occur after having an abortion are cramping,abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and spotting and bleeding before the four to six week period when you are expected to receive your period. However this varies depending on the women.The psychological struggles add additional hardship for the women. They face the possibility of having nervous disorders, sleeping disruptions and also regrets about their decision. According to AfterAbortion.org, researchers found that 44% of woman complained of nervous disorders, whereas 36% experienced sleep disturbances, and 31% of women regret their decision of aborting their baby. 

Social opinions are the opinions of the world that are for and against abortions. Everyone has an opinion on abortion. For some people however their opinions are either more to the left with anti-abortion or more to the right with pro-abortion. In situations like abortion some people’s opinion is more aggressive in the sense that they speak how they feel towards abortion more than others. Making offensive comments, such as “Abortion is just like the holocaust” no matter who is paying attention. And people who are pro-abortion are the ones who defend the topic the most, making comments such as “ it’s a woman’s right.”

Social opinions around abortion have divided people into two groups. Pro-Abortion groups and Anti-abortion groups. People who are Pro-abortion feel that giving women the right to have an abortion empowers women by giving them full control over their bodies. It also allows them to prevent possible financial problems later on by having full control over reproductive choices like getting an abortion. People who are anti-abortion think of abortion in many ways such as religion wise.Anti-abortion believers think that abortion is killing a human being, which defies the word of God. In the bible it is a sin to kill another human being no matter the circumstances. People who are against abortion also look at the literal side of abortion. They believe that when killing a fetus it is murder due to the fact that fetus endures pain through the process of abortion.

Through this divide memes and other humorous and offensive pictures and videos have been made about abortion.

These post on various social medias cause more of an awareness about abortions. They show they pros and cons to abortion, and add humor to the uncomfortable situation.However through memes, pictures, and videos there is a lack of sensitivity to the topic as well. 

Offensive memes and social media posts add more reasons for states that are anti-abortion to makes laws that center around limiting abortion. In addition, they make women seeking abortions more uncomfortable and feeling alone. In the U.S abortion is legal,but majority of the states are pro-life, which means they don’t necessary agree with abortions, and feel that there are better ways than abortion, only 58% of people think otherwise.

When a large percentage of the world feels that abortion is not right, it pushes women who have had an abortion into a state where they feel isolated. As a nation, abortion is seen as not the best option, due to the fact that there are other alternatives such as adoption for the child after it is born. Birth control pills, the Deep – Provera shot, IUD insertion, birth control implant, birth control patch and other sources that help prevent pregnancy.Woman feel misunderstood and different from others which is a reason why women might regret their decision of getting an abortion. 

When multiple states are fairly against abortions, it causes a lot of stress for women who have endured abortion.

Being singled out by the world because they feel that abortion is okay, leaves women who are pregnant and not ready for a child in a hard position. They feel that they’re  either forced to have an unwanted baby and be accepted by the world or kill an unborn infant and go on with their lives, probably dealing with not only physical but psychological issues due to having an abortion.

Abortion is fairly an uncomfortable topic to talk about. There are lots of social opinions around abortion and whether it should be legal or not. The taboo that abortion is not the best choice  has spread around the world leaving women who are dealing with or have dealt with abortion in a state of tragedy. Consistently being looked down upon because some women choose to terminate their babies. State laws also contribute to eliminating women’s right to have an abortion. In conclusion it’s a woman’s right to have an abortion but due to state laws that continue to change in various locations, causes women to have less and less rights around abortion.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Marlin says:

    Really interesting to learn about the laws that try to reduce abortions in each state.


  2. Mia Teller says:

    you explained a difficult topic really well! Totally easy to understand and see both sides of this fight. Also learned some things about roe vs. wade I never knew so thanks!


  3. jackgnelson says:

    Great essay, I appreciate how you represented both sides as it can be hard to see the others reasoning when you feel strongly. What do you think about a partner or husband’s right(if you think he has any)? In consensual cases where the women changed her mind but her ex or partner still wishes to have the baby. It’s her body, but it’s also his child. Very conflicted.


  4. Devanae adams says:

    You explained this topic really well and touched all basis on this topic really written well done !


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