Artist’s Statement: Lions and Tigers and Surveillance Oh My!

By Mia Teller

For our interdisciplinary project, my group and I studied government surveillance in America; specifically the current regulations and methodology around the scope of domestic surveillance, and what that information is being used for. In this project we aimed to create an educational, artistic and entertaining piece that brings to light the excessive amount of government surveillance in our country. We chose to satirize the original Jaws poster from the 1975 thriller. This poster was compelling because it alludes to an unknown fear, the great white in the film, and surveillance for the American people. Our pastiche was composed of tweaking a few main elements of the poster; the swimming woman, now an unaware laptop user, and the shark which has been changed to represent the many government surveillance programs. Personally, our favorite part is the surveillance shark. In short, our poster was meant to convey the message that the government is surveilling unaware citizens and that this is a larger threat than it may seem at surface level; that we should be conscious of our surroundings, of our use of technology, and fight to keep our right of privacy.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Latimer Smith says:

    This poster turned out looking very good, my group had though of using Jaws for out topic, but couldn’t find a good way to interpret it. Good job!


  2. felicityjones17 says:

    I love the changes you made to your poster and how the message was very clear


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