The Chronicles Of C Squared

By Lauryn Franklin

Crystal LeAnne Parker and Candace Michelle Jones are best friends and are both 17 years old. Crystal and Candace have a YouTube channel called Cx2 because both of their names start with the letter “C”. On the channel, they make vlogs, do tutorials, and trending challenges. On at least half of their vlogs, there is footage of both girls smoking weed and drinking Ciroc.

One night Candace went to Crystal’s house for a sleepover. Crystal’s mother clad in a decorative hijab met Candace at the door on her way out.

“Hello Mrs. Parker. Going somewhere?” Candace questioned her.

“Now Candace, you know I go to the mosque every night.” Mrs. Parker responded. “You two have fun and don’t tear my house apart.” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am.” Candace replied shutting the door. She then ran up the stairs towards Crystal’s bedroom.

“Candy in the house!” Crystal held her hand over her heart in response to the unexpected outburst.

“Can we hurry up and do this vlog? I’m tired, it’s getting late and I need to take my makeup off!” Candace exclaimed.

“Calm down, Candace for real or we won’t make a video at all.” Crystal fired back, tired of Candace’s impatience.

“Ugh fine.” Candace mumbled.

Crystal turns the webcam on and begins recording. “Hello hello hello people! It’s ya girls Chris and Candy. We are back with another vlog! Tonight we’re just recording live from our sleepover.” As Crystal was finishing the introduction to their vlog, Candace was rolling a blunt. She lit it and inhaled the marijuana.

Crystal turned the camera to Candace just as she was exhaling. “Here, say something to America. I’m going to get the bottles.” Candace just nodded her head in response and continued to smoke.

When Crystal was out of earshot, Candace looked towards the camera and said, “You guys want to know something about Crystal?” She began, “In order for us to have this weed and alcohol, she flirts with old men so they buy it for us. Those perverts. I get chills down my spine just thinking about it and not the good kind either.”

Crystal soon returned with two bottles of alcohol and a jug of fruit juice. “Now let’s turn up!”

Crystal’s snoring woke Candace up. She angrily checked her phone for the time which read 3:27am. Candace noticed the half empty bottles of Ciroc and juice on the floor and decided to return them to the kitchen. When she came back to the room, she noticed their webcam was still on. She remembered seeing Crystal turning it off. She started to question herself. Perhaps she’d been to drunk to know what she really saw. She shrugged and proceeded to turn the camera off. As she climbed back into the bed, she heard the familiar beeping sound of the webcam turning on.[1] Thinking her mind was playing tricks on her, she ignored it and drifted off into a deep slumber. Unbeknownst to both girls, they were indeed being watched by someone other than their subscribers.


The FBI normally monitors American citizens. News of two girls recording YouTube videos broadcasting drug and alcohol use wasn’t a surprise. However, once they noticed these girls were underaged, they decided to do some more digging. Steven Rogers, a computer-nerd for the NSA, had the responsibility of pulling up all sorts of dirt on these ladies. “Crystal LeAnne Parker, daughter of Alicia Hendrix and Sharif Parker. Muslim American-what the hell? Oh this raises some red flags.” Steven mumbles to himself as he pulls up Candace’s information. “Candace Michelle Jones, daughter of Tasha Jackson and Terrance Jones. African American-Oh sweet Jesus no wonder these girls are doing all this illegal stuff.” He called his boss so they could decide the next steps to take.

“Yes Rogers?” Mr. Patterson answered.

“I got the information on those girls. You won’t believe this. They’re terrorists and negros!” Steven rudely exclaimed making his co workers look at him in disgust.

“Hey now there’s no need for the name calling.” Mr. Patterson scolded.

“Sorry boss.” Steven apologized. “Wow she’s got a lot of calls going out to Dubai. Who does she know out there?” Steven asked no one in particular.

“Tap into the Muslim girl’s cell phone. Track all of her calls.” Mr. Patterson ordered.[2]

“You got it boss.” Steven followed the orders assigned to him.


Crystal got dressed in her grey bodysuit and green bomber jacket. She grabbed her purse and keys while texting Candace.



Meanwhile, Crystal and Candace were at the mall shopping. They entered the store Forever 21 when Crystal laid her eyes on this gorgeous faux fur coat.

That would go perfect with my new boots.” Crystal thought. She didn’t feel like spending her own money so she called one person she knew would cash her out. “Hey Stanley!” She spoke cheerfully. Stanley was Crystal’s 53 year old “sugar daddy”. He was filthy rich. He’s originally from Phoenix, Arizona but recently relocated to Dubai. He bought her all kinds of stuff and she didn’t even have to do anything in return.

“What’s up baby girl? What do you need?” He questioned.

“I was wondering if you could wire 200 into my account. I saw this beautiful designer coat that I just have to have.” She lied through her teeth.

“Anything for you honey.” He responded.

“Thank you, bye!” She quickly hung up.

Though Stanley believed that she was at a designer store, the NSA knew exactly where the girls really were.

While Crystal was having the time of her life, Candace seemed a bit on edge. The webcam situation earlier spooked her a little and while they were walking around the mall she noticed a man in a tight fitting white t-shirt with khaki pants and a baseball cap following them.[4] She didn’t want to bring it to Crystal’s attention because she was enjoying herself and Candace didn’t want to rain on her parade.

“Let’s go to the food court! Lunch on me?” Crystal suggested.

“You can get some food I’m not really hungry.” Candace denied the offer. Her stomach on the other hand, had different plans. It growled loudly betraying Candace.

“Girl don’t lie c’mon and let’s eat.” Crystal laughed.

Candace reluctantly followed. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed the same man staring straight in their direction.

“Crystal,” Candace tapped her friend on the shoulder trying to get her attention.

“Hold on I’m about to order.” Crystal told her.

“Crystal can we eat at the house please? I don’t want to eat here.” Candace fearfully asked.

“Why are you acting so weird? You’ve been off since we got here.” Crystal responded annoyed with Candace’s crazy antics.

“Crystal I think we’re being watched. This man has been following us since we arrived.” Candace said quickly.

“Don’t be ridiculous Candy. Nobody is following us. He’s probably just a man who likes the same things we do.” Crystal tried to assure Candace but it wasn’t working.

“Crystal please just listen to me-”

“Candace that’s enough! Can you stop? You’re killing my vibe.” Candace slightly raised her voice, fed up with Candace’s ways. She felt bad when she saw her friend’s scared expression. “Look, I’m sorry for yelling. I’m going to get something to eat and then we can leave. Cool?” Crystal offered.

“Sure.” Candace shrugged her shoulders defeated. Shortly after they’d sat down, the same man stopped at the table and sat across from Candace interrupting her thoughts.

“May I help you?” Candace asked with a thick attitude laced in her voice.

“Candace is there a problem?” Crystal approached the table with a tray full of food in her hands.

“Are you Crystal Parker and Candace Jones?” The mysterious man asked them.

“ Yes.” Both girls hesitantly answered.

“I need you ladies to come with me please.”



[1] The NSA has the power to tap into webcams, cell phones, etc. turning them on or off.

[2] The government tracks phone calls, where they came from and where they’re going to.

[3] “Dro” is another name for marijuana.

[4] CIA agents have to wear attire that blends in with the population where they are undercover at the time.

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  1. Tina says:

    This was really interesting. I loved the dialogue


  2. Devanae adams says:

    Wow crystal been through some stuff overall I was really engaged while reading ! Great job


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