About the Arts & Humanities Senior Interdisciplinary Project

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The Arts & Humanities Academy (AHA) is a California Partnership Academy within Berkeley High School. Built around arts integration, project based learning, and cross curricular instruction, AHA has developed unique interdisciplinary assessments for each grade level.

The Senior project for the fall semester aims to explore a variety of socio-political issues and the unique perspectives and attitudes around these issues. Working in groups of four or five, students are responsible for first selecting a topic. After beginning the initial research students develop research questions around which to frame their investigations.

The topics selected for 2017 are:

Working together the students are responsible for investigating the various aspects of their selected subjects. The writing is based on traditional research and the integration of social media, popular culture, and satirical pastiche to present a multifaceted view of their research topics. Each of the projects includes:

  • Three original written works (a definition essay, a cause & effect essay, a narrative essay)
  • An annotated works cited of the significant sources cited in the work
  • A digitally remastered movie poster (pastiche) that presents a familiar cultural image as a satirical take on their topic
  • An original video production highlighting, examining, satirizing, or otherwise portraying their findings, modeled on a familiar television news format
  • A variety of relevant media (videos, gifs, maps, table, images) that support and enhance their work

Feel free to look through their work, ask questions, and leave comments.

Amanda Levin, Social Science
Hannah Odyniec, English
January 2017